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Thursday, June 29th, 2006
11:37 pm - News News News

Hello folks,

USA Championship Wrestling has a new name and a new location, and spy_elf has made a new community for it! Please join nash_wrestling and get the latest news and updates, including results and cards! Thank you!


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Wednesday, March 29th, 2006
10:21 pm - results from March 24 and 25

March 24
1) New York Gangsta def Lani Kialoha. Ref Rudy Charles. Jason James helped to distract Lani from his match.
2) Matt Boiz def Scott Hayes. Ref Jerry Ryman. Alan Steele and Dustin Starr came to help Matt after Hayes attacked him. Bully and Alex Krises attacked them.
3) John Davis and Larry Cooter def Phil Wilson and KG. Ref Rudy Charles
4) Mike Jablonski and Jay Phoenix ended in a draw as they wrestled to the time limit. Ref Jerry Ryman.
5) SteveO def Jason James in a street fight. Ref Jerry Ryman
6) Bully Douglas and Alex Krises (with Miss Kristina) def Dustin Starr and Alan Steele. Ref Rudy Charles. Starr and Steele were beaten down by their opponents after the match. Matt Boiz ran in to make the save and ended up being abused himself.

March 25
Ref for the evening was Scott Barry.
1) SteveO def Phil Wilson. Jason James interfered. John Davis came to help and ended up being made the ref on the outside for SteveO’s and Jason’s match later on.
2) John Davis def Little E.
3) Lani Kialoha def Bully Douglas.
4) Crisjean Hayme def Scott Hayes
5) SteveO def Jason James. Scott Barry (the impartial? Ref) helped to pin James. John Davis made the count to three.
6) Yukon Jack def Blackie West in a First Blood Match. Chris Champion came to save Blackie post-match.

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10:12 pm - results from March 18

March 18
1) John Davis def. Little E. Ref was Scott Barry.
2) Original KID def Lani Kialoha. Ref was Scott Barry.
3) Matt Catalano and KG def Adam Armor and Chris Cane. Ref was Scott Barry. Armor accidentally clocked his own partner with a chair.
4) SteveO def Jason James. Ref James Stern.
5) Bobby Lowe and Blackie West def Yukon Jack and JP Jones (with Benjamin Franklin Roosevelt). Ref James Stern.
6) Chase Stevens def Bully Douglas (with Miss Kristina). Ref James Stern. Bully yelled at Miss Kristina after the match.

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10:09 pm - results from March 10 and 11

March 10
Ref of the evening – Rudy Charles
1) Chris Cane def Phil Wilson
2) Mike Jablonski def Jay Phoenix
a. Jablonski brought his insurance policy, New York Gangsta, along
3) Bully Douglas def Lani Kialoha
4) John Davis def Playboy Scott Hayes
5) SteveO def Jason James by countout. Special ref was Scott Barry.
6) Vic the Bruiser and Chris Michaels def Adam Armor and Crisjean Hayme.
a. Armor accidentally kicked his partner causing their loss.

March 11
No, I’m not sure of the spelling on these refs….
1) The Original KID def Phil Wilson. Ref James Stern
2) K.G. def Insane Lane. Ref James Stern
3) Bully Douglas def John Davis. Ref James Stern
4) Adam Armor def Scott Hayes. Ref Cheatin’ Deaton
5) SteveO def Jason James. Lumberjacks surrounded the ring. James choked Steve with his own belt. James had won by knockout until Scott Barry called him on it. The match was restarted and SteveO won.
6) Blackie West and Bobby Lowe def Yukon Jack and JP Jones.

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Thursday, March 9th, 2006
12:12 am - results from March 4

1) John Davis def. Firewalker. Ref Jeremy McKenzie. Jason James attacked John Davis and SteveO made the save. SteveO called for a tag match with Jason and Firewalker against him and John Davis.

2) Adam Armor def. Phil Wilson. Ref. Jeremy McKenzie.

3) Rich Kavana def. Shawn Shultz. Ref. Jeremy McKenzie. Jeremy got hit during the match and Rich tried to use a chair against Shawn. Adam Armor came in to save Shawn. Armor stole the chair from Rich, attempted to hit Rich and accidently hit Shawn with it. Shawn was none to pleased to lose and thought Adam did it on purpose.

4) SteveO and John Davis def. Jason James and Firewalker. Ref. Jeremy McKenzie.

5) Shane Williams def. Vic the Bruiser (with Miss Kristina Avalon). Ref. Jeremy McKenzie. Post match, Vic beat the crap out of Shane, including using a cinderblock on his ribs.

6) Texas Outlaws def. Yukon Jack and the Original Kid. Ref. Jeremy McKenzie. J.P. Jones returned to get revenge on the Outlaws.

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12:01 am - results from March 3

Jason James is challenged by SteveO. If Jason wins, Steve will never wrestle again.
1) Lani Ki-Aloha def. Phil Wilson.

2)Larry Cooter def. Mike Jablonski

3)Rich Kavana def. Chris Cane

4) SteveO def. Jason James. Jason tried to win the match by cheating but was caught by Scott Barry. Match made for next week with Scott Barry as ref.

5) Chris Michaels def. Adam Armor

6) Shane Willams and Shawn Shultz def. Bully Douglas and Vic the Bruiser. Miss Kristina Avalon was handcuffed to Ms. Sarah. (Personally, I'm scared off Ms. Sarah.) Bully and Vic reeked havoc on Shane, Shawn, refs and Scott Barry.

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
2:24 pm - Card for March 3

USA Championship Wrestling
Old Hickory Community Center
Belltime: 8 p.m.

Main Event
Shane Williams and Shawn Shultz vs. Big Bully Douglas and Vic Da Bruiser

Adam Armor vs. Chris Michaels

Chris Cane vs. Rich Kavana

John Davis vs. Mike Jablonski

Phil Wilson vs. Lani Ki-Aloha

and Jason James is set to air his issues with Steve O.

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2:19 pm - Results from Feb. 24

1)Rich Kavana def. Phil Wilson.
Ref SteveO.

2)Lani Ki-Aloha and Mike Jablonski def. Chris Cane and Rich Kavana.
Ref Phil Wilson.
Kavana had returned to the match as Cane was without a partner. But, true to his nature, Kavana turned on Cane for a three-on-one beating, and then Wilson joined them.

3)Jason James def. SteveO.
Ref. John Davis.
James won by use of a chain.

4)Bully Douglas with Miss Kristina def. Shawn Shultz.
Ref. John Davis.

5)Shane Williams def. Vic the Bruiser.
Ref. John Davis.
Bully came out to assist in beating Williams. Ref called the DQ win. Shawn Shultz came out to save Willaims.

6)Flash Flannigan def. Chris Michaels.
Ref. John Davis.

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2:16 pm - News from USA CW

Bert Prentice and the Tennessee State Fairgrounds are proud to announce the return of USA Wrestling to the Nashville Fairgrounds every Wednesday night beginning April 5, 2006.

Already signed for the big event are "Wildcat" Chris Harris, Christy Ricci, Lollipop, Bill Dundee, Mike Rapada Jr., Chase Stevens, Tracey Smothers, Ricky Morton, Andy Douglas, Shane Williams, Shawn Shultz, Adam Armor, Bully Douglas, Justin Idol, Flash Flanagan, Vic The Bruiser, Jason James, Ronnie P. Gossett, Jon Davis, Chris Cane, Phil Wilson plus more names will be announced next week.

Belltime will be 7:30 p.m. each week.

Tickets are available for $15 for ringside and $10 for general admission.

For presale tickets, please contact USACWAdmin@gmail.com.

For all other information, please check www.usachampionshipwrestling.com.

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Tuesday, January 31st, 2006
8:55 pm - Results

Jan. 28, 2006
Ref. Jeremy MacKenzie
1) Brandon West def. Hardcore Kid
Jason James and Firewalker attacked Brandon West, giving him the win by DQ. The save was made by Steve, who had apparently been training with Brandon for this kind of occasion. A tag match was made for later.
2) Brett Ison def. Chris Cane
3) Ace Rockwell def. Hayden Young
4) Kory Williams and John Davis def. Bully Douglas and Phil Wilson
5) Shane Williams def. Rich Kavano
6) Brandon West and SteveO def. Firewalker and Jason James
Kory came to lend a little support to Brandon and Steve.
7) Adam Armor def. Vic the Bruiser
Vic initially won the match, by using the ‘feet-on-the-ropes’ maneuver. Shane Williams came out to tell the ref about the cheating. The match was restarted and Adam rolled Vic up for the win.

Jan. 21, 2006
Ref. Jeremy MacKenzie
1) Chris Cane def. Brett Ison
2) Firewalker and Jason James def. Phil Wilson and K.G.
Jeremy caused Jason James to hit K.G. in the head with the laptop and still counted the pinfall.
3) Shane Williams def. Rich Kavano
4) Eric Young def. Adam Armor
Chris Michaels entered to distract Adam and cost him the match. Shawn Shultz ran in to save his partner.
5) Texas Outlaws def. Anthony Ingram and Yukon John.
6) Shawn Shultz def. Chris Michaels
Adam Armor tried to help his partner and Eric Young tried to assist Chris Michaels.
7) Brandon West def. Vic the Bruiser

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Tuesday, January 24th, 2006
10:58 pm

Cassidy Riley is Amazing! PLease check out the site and the great humanitarian act!


Go here and check out some unique collectibles.

All proceeds go to help victims of Hurricane Katrina.

And check out the website for new and interesting details about USA CW

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10:53 pm

New National Guard Armory
across from Springfield High School
Springfield, Tennessee
Friday, January 27th, 2006
Admission: $8.00
Belltime: 8pm
Chris Michaels vs. Rex Sexton

Shawn Shultz vs. Eric Young

Adam Armor vs. Notorious VIC

Brandon West vs. Jon Michael

Bully Douglas vs. Joey Knight

Jason James vs. Jon Davis

Ace Rockwell vs. Hayden Young

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10:52 pm - USA Championship Wrestling RESULTS

USA Championship Wrestling
Saturday, January 14th, 2006
Shelbyville, Tennessee

"Blazin" Brandon West

"Big" Bully Douglas
"The Energetic Star" Phil Wilson

Blackie West & Bobby Lowe
John Davis & Anthony Ingram

Vic "The Bruiser" w/ "Internet Terrorist" Jason James
"Blazin" Brandon West
(double knockout)

Jon Michael & Chris Michaels
Adam Armor & Shawn Shultz

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Monday, December 19th, 2005
9:19 am - For the Kids!

USA Championship Wrestling's "Christmas For Kids" Fundraiser
Monday, December 19th, 2005
Thompson Lane Boys & Girls Club
Nashville, Tennessee

Chase Stevens vs. Tracy Smothers
The New Solution vs. The Headliners
Cassidy Riley vs. Derrick King
Stan Lee vs. Rick Santel
Ace Rockwell vs. Nick Hadley
Rex Sexton vs. Big Bully Douglas
The All-Knighters vs. Jason James & Vic The Bruiser
Kory Williams vs. Phil Wilson
Jason Brisbane vs. Lani Kialoha
Chris Cain vs. John Davis

Also appearing will be Chris Harris & Brandon West!

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Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
10:00 am - results

As for results for the last month or so - I have them. I promise. Pictures too (as bad as they are). I just have to get through the end of this semester at MTSU. Lemme finish my classes and things will start going up here.

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9:54 am - Dec. 2

Old Hickory Community Center, Nashville, TN
Bell Time 7:30pm All Seats $8

"HotShot" Cassidy Riley vs. "The Trendsetter" Jon Michael

"A2" Adam Armor vs. Vic The Bruiser

"S2" Shawn Shultz vs. "Big" Bully Douglas

"Blazin" Brandon West vs. "Mr. IBM" Jason James

All Knighters vs. Lani Kialoha & Phil Wilson

"Thorobred" Rex Sexton vs. Alan Steele

Dustin "Five" Starr vs. Chris Cane

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Wednesday, October 26th, 2005
11:31 pm

Chase Stevens was told in Orlando today that he had suffered a small avulsion fracture of his C5/C6 vertebrae in his neck. The C4/C5 vertebrae were herniated. Stevens had suffered the injury the night before at the iMPACT! tapings and spent night at a local hospital.

Stevens had been told at the hospital that XRay and CAT Scan results showed the herniated vertebrae, but it wasn't until TNA's Orlando based doctor reviewed the CAT Scan that the fractures were diagnosed.

Stevens had been originally scheduled to take part in the main event of tonight's iMPACT! taping teaming with his partner Andy Douglas and Lance Hoyt to take on Jeff Jarrett and America's Most Wanted.

The injury will not require surgery and TNA's doctor told Stevens he would not be out of action for an extended period of time. Stevens may be ready to return as soon as the Genesis pay-per-view on November 13.


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11:11 pm - always subject to change

Chase Stevens is injured.

- Following a botched Overdrive, in which the wrestler landed on his head, Chase Stevens was taken to the hospital. No word is available on the severity of his injury. (from the Oct. 25 tapings)

credit: http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/2005_/articles/1130347816.php

So far, it doesn't look wonderful. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

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Tuesday, October 25th, 2005
9:18 am - Card for Oct. 28

USA Championship Wrestling
Thompson Lane Boys and Girls Club, Nashville, TN
Bell Time 8pm All Seats $5

Chase Stevens VS. Tracy Smothers

Kory Williams VS. Vic The Bruiser

Robbie Knight VS. Bully Douglas

Jason Brisbane VS. Adam Roberts

Christie Ricci VS. Tasha Simone

Chris Cane VS. Void

Brandon West VS. Jon Michael

Ace Rockwell and Patrick Bentley VS. Gabriel and Seth Delay

Card subject to change

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Monday, October 17th, 2005
11:30 pm - Results from Oct. 8

1) Lani Kialoha def. Jason James. Ref. Jeremy McKenzie. Lani attempts to remove Jason's armCollapse )

2) Void def. Robbie Knight. Ref. Jeremy McKenzie. Robbie kicks Void in the backCollapse )

3) Cassidy Riley def. Casey Cage. Ref. Jeremy McKenzie. Cass does a cartwheel into a signature moveCollapse ) Cassidy gets choked on the ropes in a rather interesting wayCollapse )

4) The Naturals def. Jon Michael and Mark Jaguar. Ref. Ricky Bell. Andy pretzels Mark's neckCollapse )Naturals team up on JonCollapse )Mark puts Chase in the sharpshooterCollapse )Natural Disaster on Mark ends the matchCollapse )

5) Bully Douglas with Christiana def. The Firestarter. Ref. Michael White. Bully pushes Firestarter into the cornerCollapse )

6) Brandon West def. Kory Williams. Ref. Ricky Bell. Kory backs Brandon into the cornerCollapse )Brandon puts Kory in a headlockCollapse ) Bryan Turner came in during the match to distract Brandon, then attacked him after the match.

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